Current Releases


2011 Chardonnay (no oak)  New Vintage.  Silver Medal - 2013 Washington State Wine Competition
Crisp and refreshing the flavor of an almost ripe apple are fulfilling like a Gin & Tonic on a hot day.  Great with caesar and shrimp salads.  308 cases produced.  $14.95/bottle, $152.52/case.  CLOSE OUT PRICING.  $9/bottle, $96/case.

2009 Merlot
The aroma of pie cherries escape as soon as you pop the cork.  As you sip, the taste is a blend of cherries, hints of cranberries and a touch of cinnamon.  This is a perfect wine to accompany steak, pork chops or barbeque.  125 cases produced.  $19.95/bottle, $203.52/case.

2008 Capizimo
Flavors of blackberry, cassis, cherry, strawberry and raisin explode in your mouth and linger on your palate. Good acid and mild tannins make this an easy sipper.  314 cases produced.  $17.95/bottle, $183.12/case.

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon  
This Cabernet begins with lovely fruit aromas followed by soft oak in the background.  Enjoy the flavors of sweet cherries with hints of cassis, licorice and a creamy oak finish. The fruit, acid and oak are well balanced.  This will be a great compliment to any hearty meal.  Like a soft, warm down pillow and comforter on a cold night this Cabernet is sure to please.  198 cases produced..  $20.95/bottle    $213.72/case

Reserve Wines

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Les Vignes de Marcoux  Bronze Medal-Seattle Wine Awards 2013, Silver Medal-Northwest Wine Summit 2013.
The growers at Le Vignes de Marcoux planted a special acre of grapes.  Mostly Cab Sauv grows alongside a supporting cast of classic Bordeaux varietals as a field blend, to be harvested together and co-fermented.  This allows the different varietals to forge the long ordeal from grape to bottle together, creating long term, harmonious friendships.  Ripe black cherry flavors, soft tannins, balanced subtle oak.  120 cases produced.  $28/bottle, $285.60/case  

2008 Rich Harvest
Light and flavorful when first opened, after 30 minutes it opens up to reveal deep and satisfying flavors of blackberry, cassis and cherry with a subtle floral aroma.  Mid-palate there is big fruit with a hint of cedar or mahogany accenting the soft tannins followed by a long, rich and fruity finish.  This Bordeaux blend was designed to showcase the beautiful fruit of the Yakima Valley without interference of new oak.  The perfect second bottle among four friends, just be sure to open it at the same time as the first.  50% Cabernet Sauvignon/25% Merlot/25% Cabernet Franc.  98 cases produced.  $50.00/bottle.  $510.00/case.

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Elerding Vineyard  Gold Medal - Seattle Wine Awards 2014.
A classic Elerding Cabernet Sauvignon barreled in 100% new French Oak.  Initially a bit tannic followed by cherries, cream and licorice flavors.  Note the hints of brown sugar or molasses on the middle palate.  This wine mellows with air and is definitely better the second day it is open or by decanting for several hours.  The tannins will allow this wine to age easily for 10 years.  75 cases produced.  $45.00/bottle.  $459.00/case

2004 Port  New Release
This tawny style port was barrel aged for seven years before bottling.  98 cases produced.  $25.00/375ml bottle, $255.00/case


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